Problem-based Leadership Development and Grant Program for Interdisciplinary Talents in Sustainable Production and Green Manufacturing

With Taiwan 2050 Net Zero Emissions, sustainable production, and green manufacturing at the core of its objectives, this program provides a diversity of talent cultivation courses and promotes the optimization of gender-friendly environment. It also works with enterprises to apply PBL to industry topics to develop students’ ability of responding to EGS reports, green deals, and UN SDGs in R&D, production, and manufacturing.

  • Promote inquiry-based courses.
  • STEM keynote lectures.
  • STEM career exploration.
  • Open House
  • Enterprise software workshops.
  • Enterprise PBL research projects and expert instructor mentoring system.
  • Enterprise visits and internships.
  • STEM scholarships.
  • Grants for female teaching and research staff of the College of Engineering
  • Enterprise scholarships - Corning Outstanding Female Researcher Award and Corning PBL Innovation Award