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The College of Engineering comprises 5 departments, 2 graduate institutes and 7 affiliated units. The 5 departments are represented by the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Materials Engineering. The graduate institutes are made up by the Institute of Precision Engineering and Institute of Biomedical Engineering. The 7 affiliated units are the Machinery Workshop, Center for Research and Development of Engineering Technology,  Center for Research and Development of Metal Materials, Intelligent Automation and Precision Machinery Research Center, Intelligent Minimally-Invasive Device Center, Unmanned Vehicles Research Center and Intelligent Microelectronics Packaging Center. The College supports 120 faculty members and 2,900 students. 

The goal of College of Engineering  is to improve both industrial development and the human condition by developing advanced technology and facilitating professionalism, integration and innovation in the engineering field. Our research is divided into two methodological groups. The first group focuses on the creation of new products and adding value to existing products; this group encompasses bio-medical engineering, polymer engineering, precision machinery, nano-technology, and special function materials. The other group centers on reducing damages and increasing durability, and focuses on hazard mitigation, vibration control, and environment conservation. The College has made a significant number of outstanding research achievements, and some of our faculty members have been recognized by domestic and international academic societies as leading scholars in their disciplines.

In the future, the College of Engineering will continue to promote the integration of all the engineering programs, enhance the College’s industrial role and encourage international academic exchanges. Meanwhile, we will continually strive to upgrade Taiwanese industry with technological innovation, practical pedagogy, research of industrialization and comprehensive cooperation.

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